Huntington School Music and Music Technology Team

Department staff:

Tim Burnage (Music subject leader)

Ian Wilson (Music Technology subject leader)

Donna Stockill (KS3 and primary specialist)

Liz Dunbar (York Secondary Music Pathfinder lead)

In Music and Music Technology we aim to the nurture and inspire enquiring and creative minds, alongside teaching the rigours of academic study and formality of practice.

In the curriculum we teach how Music works, and from day one everyone is treated as a musician regardless of their starting point.

Playing and singing together beyond the classroom is one way in which students can become part of our school community. Public performances allow parents and friends to see the difference that being part of the Music family makes to students in forming mature working relationships and lifelong friendships.

In addition to being musicologists, composers and performers, students become Music mentors, coaches, arrangers and rehearsal directors as they make their way through the school.

At the core of what we do is the development of students’ skills in self discipline, creativity, and intellectual inquiry.