KS3 'Hip hop' teaching resources

by Liz, Tim and Ian @HuntSchoolMusic

The following resources are the third in a series of schemes of work that we have written this year, to give students meaningful, musical tasks when working remotely. This style of working is a far cry from our usual classwork style, but it has enabled the Huntington Music team to continue to teach musical lessons in 'bubbles', where there is no access to hands-on music making.

The resources are a collection of listening and analysis tasks, interleaved with snapshots of teacher 'live modelling'. Each week we have filmed and upload the modelling of tasks to 'Teams' to enable students to use them to support their Soundtrap homework, each centred around an aspect of performing, composing and arranging.

Here's an overview of the project, we posted on Teams in February:

Rapper’s Delight context.mp4

And here are the teaching slides we created for our live online lessons, and bubbles teaching for February and March 2021.

If you have any feedback for us, we're always interested in how we might improve our practice, particularly in terms of integrated hands on learning. You can find details on how to get in touch in the 'About' tab.