KS3 Scheme of Work 'Take 5'

by Liz, Tim and Ian @HuntSchoolMusic

We currently use this scheme of work in the middle of year 9. The 'hands-on' aspect is centred around two commonly found musical devices: ostinato and sequence.

The ostinato section is a helpful 'settler' allowing students working in an ensemble to find their feet in an asymmetric metre, trying to find a groove, using swung rhythms and beginning phrases with an anacrusis.

The sequential section enables students to explore when and how they move from a copied pattern to free improvisation.

The resource comprises:

  • KS3 progression map details
  • Musicianship training ideas
  • A student/assessment/progress ladder for the hands-on-making-stuff-in-sound
  • Listening questions (for teaching/ discussing/ testing/ homework)