KS 5 Music Technology

by Tim Burnage and Ian Wilson @HuntSchoolMusic

This is a course for anyone who has an interest in how music and sound is recorded, manipulated and produced.

This course is all about working in a studio based environment, making and refining recordings using live and synthesised instruments. The hands-on creative aspects of the course are underpinned by a rigorous theoretical understanding of sound and audio production which is explored through analysis, essay writing, and critical thinking.

Unit 1: Recording

Students learn how to make high quality recordings using the studio facilities at Huntington. They are taught how to capture, edit, process and mix an audio recording in their role as  ‘producer’.

Unit 2: Technology-based composition

Students are taught the principles of crafting high quality musical compositions using technology. In addition to creating, editing, manipulating and organising sound, students learn how to work creatively with synthesisers, sampled audio and effects units.

Unit 3: Listening and analysing (written exam)

In preparation for this exam, we explore the history and development of recording and production technology as well as contemporary recording and production techniques. We also examine how music technology is used for both corrective and creative purposes. Here, students apply their skill and understanding to a commercial recording.

Unit 4: Producing and analysing (written and practical exam)

In this unit, students apply their knowledge and understanding of editing, mixing and production techniques. It's real world learning, and a window into the working practices of today's studio professionals.

Condenser microphone in a studio
Photo by Jonathan Velasquez / Unsplash