GCSE Music (AQA) composition briefs (June 2022)

by Liz Dunbar @HuntSchoolMusic

If you're anything like me then you will have been thrilled with the composition briefs released on 15th September. Every single one is a corker.

At Huntington, we like to begin the process of selecting a brief, by listening to and discussing a wide range of repertoire with our year 11 students, and then providing workshops which explore each topic.

It is so easy to forget that our students have far less experience than us. We can come up with dozens of ideas that we can realise in sound - in an instant, while most of our students will simply draw a blank or play it ultra safe with their responses. Talking through each of the briefs, finding a range of models, and playing and vocalising ideas and compositional devices together, are all critical in giving students the confidence to be imaginative and adventurous with their ideas.

At Huntington, we complile broad, varied playlists, and then ask students to assemble a 5 track playlist in return - to give us a picture of the type of sound world and style they want to work in. It's a really useful reference point for us as teachers, so that future conversations are focused and meaningful.

Here are the @HuntSchoolMusic playlists in response to AQA GCSE comp briefs (June 2022):

Brief 1:

Brief 2:

Brief 3:

Brief 4:

Happy to chat about how we workshop ideas, if you want to know more.