Studying A level Music and A level Music Technology at Huntington School, York

Our A level courses are delivered by a well established, highly skilled team of subject specialists.

We would be delighted to show you around the department, discuss course content, explain how we support students' learning  - in and beyond the classroom, and talk about the wider musical opportunities available at Huntington.  

A level Music (Edexcel) information:

A level Music Technology (Edexcel) information:

As part of the Music team's continuing professional development this year, we will be working with award winning composer and professor of composition Martin Suckling. With Martin's guidance, we will be able to deepen our understanding of the processes used in the teaching of composition at HE,  and in turn - enrich our own planning and delivery of this element of both A level courses.

Martin Suckling - Music, University of York
Martin Suckling, Professor