A level Music (Edexcel) set works wider listening - Courtney Pine

by Liz Dunbar @HuntSchoolMusic

Courtney Pine is one of the most successful British jazz musicians of the modern era, achieving commercial success through his fusion of popular musical styles and jazz.

One of the songs on the album 'Back in the Day', references two Jazz legends - ‘Lady Day (and John Coltrane)’. “Inner State of Mind" features hip‐hop, rap and turntables, and quotes melodic lines from Gershwin ‘Summertime’. ‘Love and Affection’ is a reworking of a 1970s song by Caribbean‐born British singer Joan Armatrading.

The Guardian Profile: Courtney Pine
At only 36, this saxophonist and composer has taken British jazz to new heights by introducing pop influences - reggae, hip-hop, Asian. He has also inspired and promoted young black musicians. And, Maya Jaggi reports, he has transcended personal tragedy and near-bankruptcy.

Like Kate Bush, Pine produced and mixed the album himself, as well as playing tenor and soprano saxophones, flute and bass clarinet, and turntables. This really is fusion at its best - a seamless blending of musical styles and traditions without any loss of musical integrity.

Here's an ever evolving playlist to provide you with plenty of wider listening references to use in questions 5 and 6.