KS3 Scheme of Work 'Ain't Nobody'

by Liz, Tim and Ian @HuntSchoolMusic

We currently use this scheme of work in the first half of year 9. In it we explore the enduring popularity of  'reworking' an existing piece of music. The 'cover version' is nothing new.

The work for this unit is based on 'Ain't Nobody' by Chaka Khan and Rufus. This is one of our sequencing units of work, where we combine students' recordings of basslines, chord sequences, and melodic improvisations, with audio samples of materials taken from the original song.

The chord extensions and inversions introduce students to different ways of voicing harmony. The sequenced material, combined with audio samples, provides context for melodic improvisation. We use Cubase for this unit but any DAW could be employed to provide a similar learning experience.

The resource comprises:

  • KS3 progression map details
  • Musicianship training ideas
  • A student/assessment/progress ladder for the hands-on-making-stuff-in-sound
  • Listening questions (for teaching/ discussing/ testing/ homework)