Key Stage 4 GCSE Music

by Liz Dunbar @HuntSchoolMusic

Key Stage 4: GCSE Music

This is an immensely creative and fulfilling course with a number of pathways to suit a wide range of musicians. Having completed our KS3 Music course, all students will have the learning experiences and skills required to get started.

We are often asked why students would want to take Music at GCSE if they don’t want to be a musician when they leave school. You could ask that of any subject, but people rarely do. Breadth and balance is really important at any stage of  learning, and this course encompasses the demands of academic rigour, and joys of creativity.

The most important thing is that students choose to take Music because they love it. It’s a fantastic way to experience the challenges of responding to a brief, working to external deadlines, and seeing a project through to completion.

Assessment details

60% coursework controlled assessment, 40% examination.

Unit 1 Listening (40%): Exam paper with listening exercises and written questions using excerpts of music. (similar style to listening tests at GCSE)

Unit 2 Performance (30%): 1 solo, 1 group piece (15% each)

Unit 3 Composition (30%): 2 Compositions. 1 to a brief, 1 free.

Examination board: AQA

See for teaching and revision materials.