Developing musicianship through Music Technology at KS3

by Liz Dunbar @HuntSchoolMusic

At the Music Teacher Magazine conference in November 2021, I presented some ideas on how we use Music Technology to develop students' musicianship at KS3 at Huntington School. A number of conference delegates have been in touch asking to see the slides I used in my presentation. Here they are:

Here are three links to the corresponding articles I wrote on this topic for Music Teacher Magazine.




Listening and Analysis example questions linked to the second article:

You might like to listen to two of our department podcasts on this topic. The first is directly linked to the articles on developing musicianship through Music Technology. The second is about women in Music Tech and features two former Huntington students who have both studied Music Technology at Higher Education:

Using Music Technology to develop musicianship at KS3
Women in Music Tech