Bridging the Gap - supporting year 11 in the transition between GCSE and A level

by Liz, Tim and Ian @HuntSchoolMusic

It's not uncommon for year 11 students to doubt their ability to tackle A level Music courses. For many, this self doubt may be heightened over the summer holidays between years 11 and 12, due to lack of practice and hands-on experience.

We have created the following resources to help students keep the wheels oiled in this gap. Some material will be familiar to them, some of it will be unfamiliar - in an effort to balance reassurance with challenge. The materials can be dipped in and out of, as students wish. It's a nice focus for a class chat group and a way of forging new friendships, especially as students move schools post 16.

Some students will want to read and listen, others will want to play and sing, others will want to attempt the creative composition tasks. Some will want to do the lot. It's all valuable learning, whatever approach they choose to take.

A level Music bridging work (Edexcel focus)'s a scroller.......

A level Music Technology bridging work (Edexcel focus)'s a scroller.......