Beyond class lessons - Huntington's co-curricular provision

The taught Music curriculum at KS3, 4, and 5 is just one of three ways in which students develop as musicians at Huntington. Beyond the classroom, students can take up or continue instrumental or vocal lessons (see Tuition page) and participate in a range of co-curricular choirs, bands and ensembles on offer (see Ensembles page).  

These three strands (curriculum, instrumental tuition, and co-curricular) are inextricably linked. Every student in the school is encouraged to explore and engage with the work we do beyond the classroom, as a way of accellerating and enriching their learning.

Co-curricular groups are created by 'stage not age' meaning that students are free to collaborate with those who have similar skills and experience. Some of the co-curricular learning opportunities are teacher led, while others are student led. Many rehearsals feature a combination of the two. Some of the resulting material will be performed at events that are open to the public. Some material may be used for exam purposes. Some things may never be heard by an audience, but will still form an important part of students' development as well rounded musicians.

The process in many ways, is far more important than the end product.